My entrance into the blogging world

“So here I am”

  • An Oregonian living abroad
  • A small town girl transferred to a big city
  • 1/200 to move from Cascade High School to Chapman University

As one of two hundred in my senior class I moved away from safe, secure, easy Cascade High school into the unknown abyss of Chapman University. As I look at the syllabus I expect to be challenged and welcome that challenge. I hope to be pushed to the limit of what I think I can do and into the arena of what I am capable of. I believe the class load is steady and will keep me on my toes.

I expect to participate as much as possible, from the first day of class I am already feeling welcomed and inspired by both my peers and my professor. I will earn my grade by completing work on time and to the best of my ability.

I am curious to find who I am. I also dread to find out who I am because as of today I don’t know. Finding yourself is no easy task and though I am excited I am also nervous of the work it entails.

In 15 weeks I hope to see myself with pride in my work, with a sense of accomplishment and strength. I want to feel better and more secure in my writing. I want to have received feedback from peers that shows my improvements as a writer and as a person. I hope to “find myself” both in my writing and in who I want to be in the world. I hope to be one step closer to finding my passion and knowing what I want to do with my life.


One thought on “My entrance into the blogging world

  1. Welcome Sarah from the land of “She flies with her own wings.” Doesn’t that state motto seem fortuitous? Although you’re leaving your home state as you fly, let’s imagine that Cascade High School strengthened the wings that landed you here at Chapman. Soar writer, soar!

    “I want to feel better and more secure in my writing. I want to have received feedback from peers that shows my improvements as a writer and as a person.” I’d say your expectations have the ability to be realized. I believe that security and comfort with a skill like writing certainly improve with use and practice and you’re right on that we’ll have plenty of that. Peer feedback should also offer opportunity to see where your writing does and doesn’t communicate effectively and using that opportunity to then edit work will definitely help you improve.

    On that note, I’ll say that I’m a little confused by your line, “1/200 from Cascade High School to Chapman University.” The way it’s written, I thought you meant that 200 Cascade High School students have preceeded you to Chapman, (you’re 1 of 200), but your post makes it sound as if you were ranked first in your graduating class and now you’re here alone. If that’s what you mean, consider ways to change punctuation or word order to accurately express what you mean, especially since those are two very different things and the latter is cause for great celebration. Woohoo!

    As to your expectation to improve as a person, wow. Did I promise that? I feel a little under prepared for that task, but gosh, if it happens please let me know how.
    Looking forward to reading more of your work.


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