A Look Inside My Soul


I am one person. One of over seven billion people, one of three hundred and nineteen million Americans, one of one hundred and fifty million American women, one of nearly two million American women born in the year 1996, but I am important. And so are you. Our world is one big place, filled with oceans, beaches, deserts, mountains, rivers, cities, and lots of people. There are black people and white people, tall people and short people, fat people and skinny people, straight people and gay people, but the common thread is we are all people. No one person better than another, no race, ethnicity, gender, or orientation is better than another. As a group of people we have been successful. We have created fire, learned to make food, learned to educate ourselves, learned how to interact with each other, learned to fly through the sky and sail across the oceans, we have learned to survive together. But have we learned how to live together? Today in our world there is a lot of hate still. A lot of people telling others they are better than them because of some reason. We need to STOP. This is our world, we only have one and we all have to share. The only way we will ever be able to live together is if we accept each other and treat everyone as equals. In order to do this we must let go of the labels we have given ourselves and remember that we are all PEOPLE before anything else.


“Work will set you free” or does it? In the photo taken at the entrance to Auschwitz concentration camp it was one of the many lies told to the prisoners. The people brought to this camp were forced to work and work and work for little to no food and forced to stay in far less than ideal sleeping quarters. The people worked until they could do no more, until they died of disease, undernourishment, or were killed by the gas, all in hopes of working for their freedom. This phrase, “work will set you free” can have many different interpretations. In today’s world, some could see that work will bring you freedom, the freedom to travel, to have luxuries, to eat the food of you desire. This also gives a false sense of hope to some though, some jobs never get better, never get a raise, never give benefits. Some people will work up until there last days never getting to experience the freedom that is talked about. The idea of the “American Dream” is founded on working to earn a living and being able to prosper because of it. This idea though is somewhat unattainable in the sense that not everyone can have all the money, never have to work again, or be able to live comfortably. Both in today’s world and the time of The Holocaust saying “work will set you free” can still be considered a lie, and instill false hope many people.


fiji beach

Personal Photo

An island off the coast of Fiji, one I never thought I would love so much. The crystal clear waters, the hot white sand, the tiny sea creature homes just beneath the surface. To think I traveled all this way with people I had met just the week before. To think such beauty could be in such a small remote place. I traveled to Fiji with a group of strangers, I didn’t know a single name or face, but when I left the island at the end of three weeks I knew I had found friends for life. Traveling with someone creates a bond within you, something you didn’t expect to find. I came into that trip with a blank slate, to be whoever I wanted, and I came out having found a missing piece of myself. This trip to an island far from home opened my eyes to the world and all its possibilities. I gained knowledge, friendship, and a new perspective. I learned to be grateful for what was before me and to never take anything for granted.


A look inside my soul

4 thoughts on “A look inside my soul

  1. The bleakness. The color. The friendship. The collection and arrangment of these three images tell a story to me.

    “Work will set you free” carries cruel irony as it’s the Concentration Camp motto depicted in your photo, yet when the phrase is considered as a mantra understood without the loaded history, it can hold great truth. Yes?

    I find relief and hope in your second photo of hands joined in a pose evocative of a globe. Yes, never again. Work toward peace will set you free.

    Finally, the photo of you in the water with friends places you as a member of the human race, surrounded by others, at rest or play enjoying the beauty of nature. There’s respite and happiness to end the story.

    Did you intend this progression, or am I imagining it all on my own?


  2. I did not intend for them to be so connected but I love the way you made them all into one. The feelings I thought of when picking them were the same as you drew out though.


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