IMG_9177I open my eyes, grab my phone, check email, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter. I close my eyes again. Another day, another early morning, another Spanish class to dread. I get up, put some clothes on, brush my teeth, straighten my hair, apply my makeup, eat my yogurt, and sit on my bed once again. I do this every day. Every single day of my freshman year of college starts the same. Today though is different. Today is the last time I will do this. It is the last morning of class, the last early Spanish class to dread, the last day.

Looking back those mornings weren’t so bad, yeah they were early but I will never get to do this again. There is no repeat freshman year, it’s over. ALL OVER. The memories I made this year I won’t forget, these are the stories I will tell my daughter the way my mom tells me. I imagine I will talk about my roommate and how by pure luck she became my best friend. I’ll probably tell her about how many days in a row I ate French fries and ranch for a meal in the caf. I will talk about that time I laid on the floor with my roommate watching and singing along to old Disney movies with a bowl of ice cream or a slice of pizza in my lap. The little things I never really noticed were the best parts, those are what I will tell my daughter about my freshman year of college at Chapman University.


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