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Sol-phil-cal-dom: Meaning a warm, homey oasis, filled with people you love and care about, in a beautiful place of nature.

The root “sol” comes from the Latin root Solari, meaning comfort or soothing. I chose this root to add to my word because it represents the calm and silence that my house in Gold Beach has.

The root “phil” comes from the Greek word Phillia, meaning love and friendship. I chose this word because whenever I am in Gold beach I am surrounded by people I love and my closest of friends.

The root “cal” comes from the Greek word Kalὀs meaning beautiful. I chose this word because the area surrounding the house is all beautiful. The cold rushing river, the bright and dark green tree leaves, the gray, red, green and black rocks which make up the gravel bar, and light wood colors of the inside of the house are all beautiful.

The last root “dom” comes from the Latin word Domus, meaning house. This word represents the house at Gold Beach. This house is not like any I have stayed in before. It is more than a house, it is a home, a place of comfort, a place to show who my family is and what we are all about.

To use this word in a sentence one might say: The house along the river has a sense of solohilcaldom about it.

A house is a building with rooms and doors.

A home is a refuge filled with memories:

My first fishing trip,

My first experience with a racing river,

My first overnight trip,

The grand parties thrown by my grandma on Memorial Day weekend,

The warm afternoons spent with my cousins,

The creation of ice cream sundae shops in the sand box,

The fresh salmon for dinner,

The wandering bear along the gravel bar,

The cold rainy nights in front of the fireplace,

The days of monopoly and card games,

The time spent with my family.

These are the memories that a home holds deep inside,

My home within Gold Beach is like nothing else.

It is solphilcaldom.

 This word belongs in the English language because it encompasses a feeling that is not described by any one word in the English language today. This word sums up a cultural concept of my Grandpa’s house in Gold Beach Oregon. Solphilcaldom is the only way I am able to describe what it feels like to stand inside the house, looking out the large glass windows out onto the Rogue River.


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